Founded in 2015 by Jazz Guitarists David Cooke and James Woodruff, Double Standards started as a jazz duo covering popular jazz, blues, and show tunes.  As the popularity of the duo grew, the venues also grew.  Double Standards expanded as required to meet the needs of each event.

Double Standards pic 1

David Cooke soon realized that since  James Woodruff is very popular and often in demand for other events (knitting sweaters for hairless cats, developing a theorem to refute Einstein’s Special Theory or relativity, curating his dental floss collection, stuff like that), David would need to have another guitar partner available to perform with him.  That’s when Joe Holtz of Joe Holtz and the Thunderboltz joined the mix.

While Joe is not a big fan of jazz, and barely tolerates Dave Cooke, Joe is an excellent guitar player who will compromise his artistic standards for cash and/or food.  Perfect fit!

Jeff Miguel (jeffmiguel.com) has been adding his tremendous saxophone talents to the duo iterations lately, forming a tasty trio that adds a “Triple Threat” to Double Standards.

double standards triple threat b and w

Bassist Bob Songster holds down the a trio once in a while, as does trumpeter Dave Thomas.  Rounding out the retinue, Dave Nelson plays percussion on some dates.

Double Standards has essentially become a musical chameleon that performs anywhere from a duo, a trio, on up to a 5 piece jazz combo at larger events.  You know David Cooke will be there, but you never know who else you might hear on any given date!  Always tasty, always good, always a pleasant surprise.

Contact Double Standards today – we can provide quality entertainment for your event and fit within any budget!

Recent Gigs:

  • Arvada Chamber of Commerce “Chambies” Gala
  • Arvada Vitality Alliance fundraiser
  • Blues & BBQ Festival, Edgewater
  • Arvada Harvest Festival
  • Denver Clock Tower (wedding), Denver
  • Edgewater Farmers Market
  • Westwoods Golf Course Resaurant / Bar, Arvada
  • 3 Sons Italian Restaurant, Arvada
  • Silver Vines Winery, Arvada
  • Grand Lake Brewing Tavern, Arvada
  • Colorado Municipal Judges Association
  • Odyssey Beerworks, Arvada
  • Silvi’s Kitchen, Arvada
  • Hunter Bay Coffee, Arvada